Friday, 27 November 2020

NFSAL 2020 - November

Welcome to the eleventh part of this year's NFSAL posts! Yesterday I was thinking happily that I was on top of all the things and didn't have any SAL stuff left today - and then I saw the NFSAL post was still due today... talk about a yikes moment. I didn't get the backstitched part complete this month but I did do the cross stitch (not that it's all that much). I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get to finish mine in time. I had a day of stitching planned but lots of small things that take time happened and not much stitching did as a result. Nothing bad, just life with kids, the painters that the landlord sent, postie dropping off parcels for neighbours that want to chat when they pick them up, and my first Teams chat with my son's teacher because of the current Corona rules mean I can't go to the parents evening. He's doing well so the meeting took around 5 minutes.
As you can see I didn't go with the colours as per the pattern - I wanted to use this reddish fabric (Jodyri Designs Savannah Sun 18ct Aida) and the blues didn't look right so I reached for white and greys which always work on red. I used DMC B5200, 168, 169, and 413 for my colours (light to dark).

You can download the pattern here

Have fun stitching and see you tomorrow for the next part of the Autumn Mystery SAL 2020!


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