Monday, 2 November 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL 16 - Final Post

Welcome back for the final post of the sixteenth Mini Magical Mystery SAL! Don't worry it's not over - the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 17 starts 30th November and you have a whole month of the Autumn Mystery SAL 2020 (that started yesterday) to tide you over! This post is just a final post showing my stitching of part seven and what I'm planning to do with it.  I do hope you all had fun! I have loved seeing your stitching in the mystery Facebook group!
As you know there were several options for the final part of this mystery - the one circle I didn't stitch as I'd have then had to rip it to stitch and make this photo and tbh I didn't want to do that so didn't. This is what two circles looks like and I stitched them first to make photography of the remaining two options easier.
Having completed the two circles first it was quite easy to add the final circle last, though doing all at once is probably easier.

And for completeness, so you can choose which version you wish to use if you are still wondering... here is a computer generated image of what it could look like with just one circle.
This time I'm also not going to be able to show you a fully finished ornament. Mainly because I'm alternating this fabric and the fabric I'm using for the uneven Mini Magical Mystery SALs and its more frugal to stitch them before cutting out as you can then stitch them closer together.

I'll be making another chain of ornaments like I did with the first nine. So once I start finishing I'll include what I am able to finish in the final post of each SAL and I'll then show what I used to finish it with.

I'll be back in about an hour with the next part of the Autumn Magical Mystery SAL 2020 and a bit later with the first of the 2021 SAL announcements posts.

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