Friday, 26 April 2019

Friday Freebie: Spring Ice

Happy Friday! This week no SAL post so instead I have a somewhat chilly but pretty pattern for you. I haven't stitched it myself, it's been a pretty hectic month for me as for some insane reason I decided to join in with the KLT Charting vs Jodyri Designs challenge on Facebook and so far I've stitched over 60 hours for the assorted challenges, none of which is stuff for the SALs! I have worked on them too so my stitching hours this month are pretty high.

This week's pattern is rather large but it just didn't want to be smaller - it's 55 stitches square but would still make a lovely ornament or card!

I have chosen to use blues for the pattern but it would look fabulous in other colours as well so have fun picking an alternate colourway if you prefer. You might even want to consider stitching this using the DMC Etoile threads to add a little sparkle!

You can find the pattern here

Don't forget to let me know if you have stitched this or any of my other patterns - I love seeing what you make!

Next Tuesday is the 5th Tuesday of the month and there are no SAL's scheduled, so have fun stitching on one of your other projects or catching up with a SAL or two instead. I'll see you Wednesday for the next Finish it in... 2019 check in post!


  1. 60 hours?! You're totally making up for Carla not being up to her usual competitive self for most of the month! Love the new pattern.

    1. Over 70 now hehehe. I'm trying, I see it as my duty to do so :) Thank you! :D

  2. Thank you! I stitched this pattern.


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