Tuesday, 29 October 2019

It's a No SAL Tuesday So Instead: 2020 SAL Announcement Plans!

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Happy Tuesday! This week there is no SAL as it's the 5th Tuesday of the month. As I'm rushed off my feet between this year's SALs, next year's SALs, and the insanity that is TeamKLT vs TeamJodyri there is no new extra pattern today. The good news is that this means you can do some catching up!

Time for some news so you know what's planned for the next two months...

Plans for November:
  • Finish designing the SALs for next year.
  • Make posts for each SAL with all you need to know to plot your Christmas wish lists.
    • The Weavers for next year will be first so you have enough time to sort out fabric. 
    • SAL dates will be added to the sidebar on the right at the same time as each SAL is announced. 
  • Host the Autumn Mystery SAL. Part 1 and 2 of the Mystery are up, and you still have plenty of time to join in!
  • Do this month's SALs as per schedule.
Plans for December:
  • SALs as per schedule.
  • NYE Mystery SAL:
    • Not designed yet but I plan on keeping it to about the same size as the last few Mystery SALs so if you want to join in on the insanity of a high speed SAL on NYE and the days before/after then make sure you have a bit of fabric on hand that is big enough for something that is 55 stitches square (it's a long weekend this year - I might make something a bit bigger and have more parts.) You won't need more than six colours and you won't need too much of each.
    • Exact details will follow some time before the end of the first week of December.
    Have a great day and see you Friday for the November Ornament of the Month!


    1. Two mystery SALs in two months - you're spoiling us! I can't wait to see what you'll have in store for us next year <3

      1. Indeed! Well the autumn one was planned for October and then the KLT vs Jodyri thing happened and I decided not to overdo things for myself and move it up a month. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks! It's always a bit scary before you announce something!


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