Friday, 21 December 2018

Friday Freebie: Golden Star

Christmas is almost upon us and I'm sure many of you are busy doing last minute preparations - some because it's planned that way and some because eek time happened. I'm somewhere in the middle of those two... some things are going according to plan while others suddenly jump at me to remind me that things need doing - at least all the gift shopping is done!

With time at a premium I thought a quick stitch would be best for today's freebie and created this. As you can see mine is not finish finished - my hands are being pretty uncooperative and aren't letting me stitch as much as I'd like.

You can find the pattern here

Watch this space for more Christmas patterns - not all will be a quick stitch but they are fun! Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, that one really does look quick :D And pretty, too!

    1. It is! It only took me half an age to do (well ok 3 days) because my hands were not cooperating and I could only do 5 stitches at most before I had to put it down. Thank you! :D