Wednesday, 31 January 2018

WIP Wednesday

Last week when you saw this I was here having done as much as I was planning to on week four of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL

Last night I shared this picture along with the week five pattern. I have since stitched a little more and got this far before having to set it aside to work on the Friday freebie (more of that below)
Not much more - only 27 stitches in fact - but still a little more progress and the start of a back leg!
This is the Randje per Week as it was last week with three weeks done (as it gets posted on the Friday)
This is it with week four done and an extra band that I added as I have some extra space on the banding I'm using and thought it would be fun to use some of the bands from the Weavers Tapestry patterns on here as well. The honey comb pattern done in the blue/green is the extra band I added this week.
Last week I had two new starts - with this being the second of two to leap out at me wanting to be stitched. I didn't manage to finish both of them but I did finish this one - though I left out a lot of the back stitching as I preferred the softer look without.
I swapped the blue thread of the back stitched snowflakes for some lovely Kreinik 1432 #4 Very Fine Braid. and instead of the confetti cross stitches I used some TOHO TR-11-161 Trans-Rainbow Crystal seed beads which I stitched on with full cross stitches going through the bead using the blue from the kit.
Last Friday I showed you this partially stitched sample for the Friday freebie - it's now finished too!
It's not finish finished yet as I had to get moving on the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL but it's in the finishing pile. Stitched on 20ct antique white Aida with the called for colours.
Last of all is the new start that I started today! It's the sample stitch of the February Ornament of the Month. The pattern for February isn't complicated as such... but you do need to know the stitching order to get a nice consistent result so I'll be stitching it up so I can take photos of the stages to make things easier for you. I'm stitching this on 20ct antique Aida using 2 threads for a fuller coverage than just one strand gives.

I'll see you Friday for the next Friday freebie! You may also just possibly see another post from me soon as I have a WIPocalypse post to make still.


  1. You have been busy. They all look lovely.

  2. Oh, those penguins are cute! You've been busy 😀

    1. I agree! I am so glad they attacked me last week! I'm probably going to finish them as an ornament :) I have! it's good to have a good stitching week again :)

  3. Lots of stitching happening! The penguins are very cute, and you already know I love the red flowers.