Wednesday, 17 January 2018

WIP Wednesday

Last time I showed you this I'd done a few stitches towards this week's part of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL. In the meantime as you may have seen in the previous post I did finish the stitching for the week.
I haven't yet started on next week's part, but I will tomorrow.
Last Friday I showed you this - the central part of the January Fob a Month pattern. I had to set it aside to finish the stitching of the Weavers SAL but have picked it up again today as I want to finish it.
Not so much left to do now - just 2 1/2 corner elements, with any luck it will be finished before bedtime.
Last week I almost forgot I had started the Randje per Week and so had to add the photo above a day or so after the WIP Wednesday post *blush*. I work on this every Friday night right after the pattern is released and usually manage to finish it before bed.
I added 2 more bands this week as we get 2 every week. I'm not sure I shared a photo of the colours I'm working with so here it is:
This week I used the two blues, the green, yellow and orangey colours.

I will see you Friday for the Friday freebie! Till then be safe!


  1. Great progress. I love the colours your picked for the Randje and your two new bands look awesome.

    1. Thank you! The Threads were all in a set I go ton the cheap, I removed the pink and am using the rest :)