Tuesday, 9 January 2018

NYE Mystery SAL: And The Winner Is...

It's the 8th of January and as promised I went around and collected all the names of those that I could find that had finish finished their NYE SAL Embroidery. I had to make more name slips twice! In total 34 people finished their embroidery. That is a pretty awesome number of finishes - for many it was the first finish of the year, which is fantastic!

As a reminder this was the prize that I offered for completing your NYE Mystery SAL! I did the drawing live via photo's on Facebook and I'm sure some of you were dying of suspense by the time I showed the wining photo! Now on to more pictures of what happened.
The 34 names all on identically sized slips of paper.
All the folded papers

Oldest rummaging around.
He pulled a name out of the fluffy hat!

And the winner is.....

Congratulations Alicia Stewart! I have already spoken to her on Facebook and will be sending the prize out this week!

That's all for today - I'll be back before the next 24 hours is over with the next part of the Weavers tapestry Band Sampler SAL!

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