Sunday, 16 February 2020

Ornament of the Month 2020 - February

Welcome to the second Ornament of the month for 2020! I'm sorry this is late but as you may remember I was ill and couldn't post it at the time. I had planned to sit down and write this last night but I fell asleep on the sofa and didn't wake till gone 1 am so decided it was best to leave it for today.
Due to my illness I wasn't able to finish it into an ornament in time for this post however I did get the stitching done so you can see what it looks like once stitched. It's a bit scrunched from the hoop and from being handled while doing the backstitch. You can also see where last month's ornament was stitched on the left.
If you look at the beads (TOHO TR-11-22 Silver-Lined Lt Topaz)and threads they look quite different - not really in the same range at all - but when stitched together they look a lot more complimentary. Getting a yellow DMC to match the Kreinik is difficult...
Last year when I used DMC 307 to go with it for the Ornament of the Month I ended up with a whole different look - and also not matching.
Yet when they were next to each other they looked a lot closer in colour - threads can look so different when stitched!

You can find the pattern here
You can find the construction tutorial here

Have a great rest of your weekend - and happy Monday! I'll be back with more before too long, and Tuesday with the Easy Christmas Cards SAL!


  1. What color bead did you use for this ornament? This is a very beautiful ornament, thank you so much for your time and talent.

    1. Sorry I thought I'd added it already - I used TOHO TR-11-22 Silver-Lined Lt Topaz

  2. Such a cute one! I agree, the yellow Kreinik looks completely different with the different DMCs, but both look great.


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