Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Spring Magical Mystery SAL 2020 - Pre-stitch Part 2

Welcome to the second pre-stitch of the Spring Mystery SAL! At this point I would normally be showing my part one but having marked out today as my stitching day for part one and having sat down to do it I discovered I was completely unable to count and have had to rip out almost as  much as I have stitched today. I'm sure you have all been there before (and have worn the T-shirts out too) so I'm pretty certain you can understand when I only show the (miscounted) start of my stitching.
But first I'll show off my fabric and threads! I'm using Jodyri Designs "Snowy Skies" 18ct Aida, one of the Christmas 2019 Limited Edition fabrics. For the threads I'm using Emerald Forest (19 R), The Giant's Beanstalk (retired Solo thread), Honeysuckle (017 A), and Vanilla Cake (one of the year of fabrics if I recall correctly).
This was my optimistic starting point earlier today - with both outlines stitched and the centre marked... except I'd stitched the outlines to be 56 stitches square (the size of the pattern) and they needed to be 58 stitches square because the outlines for finishing were supposed to be one stitch on each side larger than the pattern...

Of course I only found out after I'd done quite a chunk of stitching of part one. I've ripped most out (I did leave two of each of the backstitched sides in as it would have been pointless to restitch perfectly good lines that were just a bit short) and have made a start on fixing the problems - but they won't be fixed today so I'm making the post without the completed stitching this time.

Colours used this time:

  • Colour B (DMC 307 on the pattern)
  • Colour C (DMC 368 on the pattern)
  • Colour D (DMC 320 on the pattern)
Number of stitches:
  • 24 - in Colour B
  • 48 - in Colour C
  • 116 - in Colour D
For a total of 188 stitches for this part.

You can find the pattern here

See you for the next part of the mystery on March 15th and have fun!

On all social media sites the tag to use is:  #SpringMysterySAL - let's make the world see what we are up to!

PS: Don't forget you can ask all your questions in the comments below and there is a Facebook group to share your stitching results etc. which you can find here

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