Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Easy Christmas Cards SAL - February

Welcome to the second part of the Easy Christmas Cards SAL! I'm running late again, as seems to be the norm lately - hopefully I'll be able to get back on schedule more frequently now that my fiancĂ© is off back to his job abroad -  I waved him off to the airport earlier and then realised I still had a card to stitch and make! Good thing this card is a quick one to make!
Not only is it quick to make - it only took 2 hours start to finish (and that includes the time it took me to make photos!) - its also a bookmark gift! Yes, that's right, the fabric can come off easily and can then be used as a bookmark, or, if you add a cord and a tassel it could be a tree decoration!

I used a bit of 12" / 30 cm long and  2" / 5 cm wide 14ct red banding but you could always use plain fabric or perforated paper to make this card.

You can find the pattern here

If you want to skip the beading your embroidery will look like this.
With beads and sequins it looks like this - I used some really old sequins that have been in my stash since I was a teen and TOHO TR-11-401 Opaque-Rainbow white seed beads to keep the sequins in place.
Fold your embroidery right sides together, align the curves of the edges, and finger press in place.
Do a row of backstitches FOUR stitches above the embroidery (I forgot, did only one stitch, and so mine is a bit asymmetrical on the card), starting just after the curved edge. I used white thread for this but I suggest you use red instead as it will look neater.
 Cut two stitches away from the backstitched seam.

Following the four steps above turn the corner and try and make the point as pointy as you can.
Place on the card that you have prepared the same way as last month making sure that the point is over the corner and adjusted so it's angled correctly.
Check to see how many stitches are left till the corner by folding the end over at the corner - this is where I discovered I'd made mine asymmetrical - if all is well there should be four stitches left.
Give that crease you made a good press so you can see where it is. Then do the same as on the other end making sure that the folded line is where you place the stitches.
Fold it right side out so that the point is all pretty.
Slip on the card and it's ready for you to add your own personal touches!
If you slip it on like this - with the top corner only over one part of the card and the bottom corner over both...
the card will be able to stand up!

I hope you like this pattern - and the card! I'll see you Friday for the 35 x 35 for 2020!


  1. Wow! I love how it has a double use. How very clever :D

    1. Thanks! I thought I would sneak in something like this just because it's possible to do so :)

  2. Oh, I do have some aida band I never knew what to do with! Great idea.

    1. I'm glad you liked this idea! Aida band is so handy!