Monday, 11 February 2019

News: Ornament of the Month for 2015, NFSAL, and More

This is just a post to let all of you know that I have completed moving all of the Ornaments of the Month 2015 to my blog. I have posted them on the dates they were originally posted on the old site. The links in the sidebar now link to the new posts. The patterns are no longer on the NCC International Headquarters site, which also no longer exists. RIP to the site - it was good while it lasted but due to a lack of being able to make comments possible things did not go so well there.

There is another thing from the site that I rescued and that is the links to other designers freebies - on their own webpages of course as that is the point of them. You can find the page of links here (it's also in the header area of the site with all the tabs) - I tested all of the links before adding them so they *should* all work.

Next up to be added add to my site are all of the NFSAL (Neglected Floss SAL) patterns that are not already here. I'll be adding links to newly made PDF files as I make them, where possible on pages that already exist and show pictures of the stitched item, where not I'll make a new post and also date it to when it was originally posted. This is done to avoid people being confused by intermittent floods of new posts that have old content that have nothing to do with the current SALs.

The patterns will remain on Deviant Art for now, though I'm not sure if that will stay that way in the years to come.

I will write a new news post when I have completed the transfer though it may take some time before I can do so.

Another thing I have started - and will probably never completely finish - is the page with tips and tutorials that I have made, you can find it here and in the header.

Have a great Monday - or rest of your Sunday!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to do all of this for us - we appreciate it!

    1. You are very welcome :) I was very sad to find that not everyone could see/access the NFSAL patterns on Deviant Art.

  2. Sigh, sadness about the NCCIH, but I think we may be able to figure something out for a better set up!

    1. Yes much sadness. Losing all the PDFs there was a bad thing too.. still not sure why that happened :/