Friday, 23 June 2017

Friday Freebie: Illuminated Square

This week's freebie pattern was inspired by an illuminated manuscript that Emily Steiner tweeted. It's only a small section of the background but it stands well on its own too.

I started stitching this on Thursday thinking it would be an easy stitch - which it is - but not when its 33C/91.4 F and my hands are sweating so much the needle slips between my fingers. As a result I had to give up stitching till it was cooler. I've only made it half way so far but it already shows how well the terracotta and Kreinik 002J #4 very Fine Braid work together giving that rich illuminated book feel.

You can find the pattern here

If you have been having issues downloading older patterns on my blog I can only apologise, it's happened due to server issues which I hope will be resolved soon. If you need a pattern in a hurry please leave a comment on the pattern you want and I'll make sure you can download it.


  1. Another great pattern, thank you. Oh my, too hot to stitch, that's horrible! It's cooled down a little over here and I am very grateful for that.

    1. Thanks :D You are more than welcome. Yeah 30+C is just to hot to hold a needle without it slipping. It is much cooler here now too - pouring with rain today and I'm happy it is as my apple tree was starting to drop apples due to lack of water (despite me giving it 40 litres a day extra)