Wednesday, 7 June 2017

WIP Wednesday

Yes, this week I did do the Vakje per week, it was a nice pattern and with a bit of tweaking to the space I wanted to use it fit nicely too. I had to tweak it because of not doing the one before that I didn't like (and wouldn't fit as it was a full alphabet)
And so you can actually see the embroidery here is a close up where you can see the pennant shape of the space more clearly.
Of course this wasn't the only thing I worked on this week, though I'm certainly not working as fast as I was before, probably because I was feeling a little drained, but that is improving with some extra sleep.
This is where you saw this last week - it's all finished now, which is unsurprising since there wasn't that much left to do.
I didn't have any filling when I got to this stage so it was set aside till I did, however I've been busy with other things since then so it has landed on the finish someday pile.
Last time you saw this was on Friday, when it was supposed to be finished but between the tiredness and the way the colours made my eyes wobble it took a lot longer to finish than it should have.
It's now finished stitch wise - it too is going on the finish someday pile as I need to get started on the next freebie so you can see what that looks like (and maybe I'll have it finished for a change hehe).

Not that much to see this week but more than last week so that's an improvement. I'll see you Friday when you can see the colourful pattern I started today!


  1. O, it's getting more interesting now with the boxes - I like the new shape!

    1. Thanks! There will be more new shapes in the coming months, but still many squares and rectangles are they are a more efficient use of space.