Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WIP Wednesday

Last week I showed you the two variations offered for the Vakje per week project, last Friday they only gave one pattern (fortunately!)
Even more fortunately the pattern was such that it fit perfectly along the inwards pointing > shape! It could not have been designed any better, I was thrilled to bits, as you can probably tell.
This week Friday I start not just a new row but also a new group of colours - I'm not sure which yet so I'm as much in the dark as you are!
Dear Rien got some stitching too this week, and a bunch of ripping too unfortunately or I'd have done more than I did.
I finished the circle under the tortoise and almost completed stitching the next brown circle when I discovered that it was out by a row - not a good thing to discover! It took me ages of recounting and comparing before I worked out that just after the start of the circle I'd accidentally stitched a line of stitching over two squares high instead of one and it resulted in me removing it all as that was faster and easier than doing all but the first 20 stitches.
Last of all is as usual the Friday freebie I designed last week. It's really small, just 1 3/4" square so a nice quick little project to make a fob for your scissors, or even for a key chain. You can find the pattern here

That's all for this week, I'll see you here on Friday for another nice and small freebie (you will need shiny gold this week!). Just 2 more Friday's and then on Saturday the 1st, Christmas in July starts! That's 9 more days! (excluding today)


  1. Great progress, but boo for the ripping! For some reason, circles seem to be much more prone to errors than other shapes in stitching I think.

    1. Thanks! Yeah they do, you go into auto pilot and there is the invitation for a bit of ripping.