Thursday, 29 June 2017

Christmas in July: Overview Post

It's almost July and time to let you know a little of what I have in store for you in July. As I have mentioned before in a few of my recent posts I am planning on giving a new freebie every single day during July!

As is not unusual for me there are several options for you to do what you want with the patterns, other than changing the colours to suit your preferences or Christmas decorating theme.
  • You can make a wall hanging using the pattern supplied below - it will take 30 of the 31 patterns. (Don't stitch the backstitch outlines in the daily patterns)
  • You can stitch one of the two stockings (just choose the direction you prefer) and fix it to some felt and use that as an ornament. (Don't stitch the backstitch outlines in the daily patterns)
  • You can stitch both stockings and stitch them together to make a double sided ornament. (Do stitch the backstitch outlines in the daily patterns and use them to whip stitch them together wrong sides facing - with or without beads, it's up to you!)
  • You can make them into a mini stocking you can fill with something small! A tutorial will follow around the 15th if all goes to plan. (Do stitch the backstitch outlines in the daily patterns)
  • You can stitch single stockings onto small bits of fabric or perforated paper to make cards or gift tags!
The good news is that I do not expect anyone to be able to keep up - I thought it would be a fun way to give lots of Christmas patterns in July so you could stitch them at your convenience.

Useful information:
  • Each stocking is a maximum of 41 x 60 stitches including the backstitched outline. 
  • You will get a left and a right facing stocking, do the one you prefer or do both! 
  • There are 2 sizes of stocking.
  • Both sizes will fit in the frame provided.
  • The frame is 320 stitches wide by 370 stitches wide and fits 30 stockings
  • You can calculate how much fabric you need by going here it does both inches and cm! 
  • All posts will be linked in the SAL sidebar for easy access - no need to search!
If you have any questions do ask! You do not need to be logged in to comment or, if you prefer, you can ask on twitter

You can find the framework pattern here

The first pattern will be posted on Saturday 1st July! See you then, if not before for the usual Friday Freebie. 


  1. I'm really looking forward for those! I think I want to pick 24 to make an advent calendar...if I ever find the time!

    1. That is a fun idea! If you can choose which ones to use... ;)