Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WIP Wednesday

Last week was the first of the odd shaped boxes for the Vakje per week, this week the next. The pattern given last Friday was a darning pattern and because some people were having trouble with the darning patterns on Aida they also gave a cross stitched alternate version.
Of course this time I liked both patterns so much I couldn't choose so I split the box of this week in half to make both! I used DMC 101 for the darned version - the long slow variegated thread is perfect for this and gives a lovely effect. I used the ill-fated 4065 for the cross stitched version and this was at last the thing that the thread worked for on this fabric as the other times I tried to use this thread it was just too light and close to the fabric colour to show.
The Linen and Threads 2017 Mystery Band Sampler Stitch Along saw some progress too. I finished the May band and have started the June one. The threads used for the wide band of May are:
  • ThreadworX 1053 for the side borders and the line between the skinny and wider bands.
  • DMC Color Variations 4030 for the curly shaped figure, the line across the top & bottom, and the star bit at the top of the other two shapes.
  • DMC 3807 for the Swedish star shape.
  • DMC 561 and 991 combined for the green leafy bits between the points of the Swedish star and the green below it.
  • DMC 159 for the things I decided to treat as flower buds on the Swedish flower plant. 
For the June band I decided to have 2 different coloured bees in a solid colour with a coordinating variegated thread for the wings. I'm using 2 lengths of the variegated thread taken from the same section of thread to make both wings at the same time so they are as identical as possible.
  • For the bees facing up I am using a combination of DMC 368 blended with 563 and DMC 125 for the wings. 
  • For the bees facing down I'm using DMC 964 for the body and DMC Color Variations 4040 for the wings. 
  • I am using 597 for the honeycomb sections at the top and bottom. 
  • I am using ThreadworX 1053 for the side borders and the line at the bottom.
I was out and about yesterday so my travel project got some attention too - it's the December NFSAL from 2016 (you can find the free pattern here). I got a bit more of the green done and some of the red.
It's slowly coming to life but needs a lot more doing before it's finished.
 Last of all is the Friday freebie I worked on last week - my Pride month contribution.
You can find the pattern for it here

That's all for this week, see you Friday for the weekly Friday freebie!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you... I'm in the process of preparing for a very special event here on my blog: Christmas in July! That in itself might not seem so special, however I'm giving a free pattern every single day for the month of July! They are all small and can be used for cards or ornaments (either flat or 3-D ornaments that can be filled with an advent treat) - about half will be Mucha Princess inspired and the rest are in a wide array of Christmas colours that you can of course adjust to your own Christmas palette. I'm sure you will be as excited as I am, especially after you see what's in store!


  1. Great progress on your samplers - I'm excited to the bees on the L&T one, I really like those lately! And woo, I am SO looking forward for July now - your designing skills are on fire recently, so I'm excited to see what you cooked up.

    1. Thank you :D They are lovely bees indeed! Yay I'm glad you are excited too :D