Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday Freebie: Be True

This month is pride month so I thought it was only right and proper to honour the gay friends I've had over the years with a pattern. The first friend that I knew was gay I met when I was just 13, and the fact that her mother was extremely homophobic made our friendship very difficult as her mother decided that my friend wasn't allowed any female friends at all.
So we did what many gay couples had to do back in the early 80s: sneak around. It was weird really as I am not gay and we were "just" friends who hung out together but she did teach me that friends are worth the trouble. We had a great many adventures together including bicycling from Den Bosch to Utrecht one day to collect money for Greenpeace.
That trip included meeting with more people and bicycling as a group, a broken bike, finding help from a farmer, a small boat across a river and much more fun and games that cumulated in me being almost knocked over by a band member at the venue in Utrecht as he was trying to escape screaming fangirls. Yes he did stop and make sure I was ok, we had a nice chat too! It wasn't until I saw the Monday paper that I realised who I'd bumped into and talked with.
And that was just the first of many good contacts I've had over the years, with good memories and lots of fun included!

The photos in the post show the two sides of the little pillow I made: One side with the colours as per the pattern (the bottom two photos) and the other using Jodyri Designs Over the Rainbow thread which is a nice slightly less in your face rainbow thread.

In the pattern I have included DMC colours for you to recreate the bright rainbow as well as a paler rainbow and some suggestions for rainbow threads to use including the Jodyri Designs thread mentioned above.

Love the pattern but don't want to use rainbow colours? Just use your favourite thread instead and perhaps make the heart red.

You can find the pattern here

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