Thursday, 29 June 2017

WIP Wednesday(ish)

Last week I showed you the end of a row of my Vakje per week - and the last of this batch of greens. This week I can show you the start of a new row and a new colour: brown
The pattern was cats going in alternating directions stacked on each other. I could have put 10 cats in but decided to go for 9 as we used to have 9 cats when I was growing up so that seemed like a fitting number.
I used DMC 69 for the cats as it is a lovely slowly changing variegated thread. I look forward to Friday's pattern!

Next up a project you haven't seen in a long time, if ever if you are new to reading my blog: The patchwork sampler. You can read more about the project here, but basically it was something I started for a competition on deviantArt and then never completed. The plan was to use all the scraps from making projects that I'd saved and stitch something onto them and then join them together much like a scrappy patchwork. I did not however forget about it completely and did stitch some more sections for it but never got round to blogging about them.
On Monday I decided it was high time I did something with the bit's I'd stitched as well as some of the recent Friday freebie samples that I had not made into anything as yet. The photo above shows my progress so far in stitching things together, which is not as easy task as I am using many different materials and stitch count ranging from 20ct Aida to 14ct Aida, to linen in several counts and also some evenweave here and there. It is a bit of a puzzle and I have found that sometimes I need to make something to fit a certain space so I have nice straight lines to continue. The red 14ct Aida piece with the white stitching is one such bit and no doubt there will be more.
Last of all is the Friday freebie from last Friday, which wasn't finished at the time.
It too is destined for the patchwork sampler so has been given a backstitched line ready to be whip stitched into place once I get to it.

See you tomorrow with a post about getting ready for the Christmas in July project with information and and a framework pattern in case you wish to make all of the patterns into a single large wall hanging or pillow.


  1. The nine cats are very fitting indeed (did you have all nine at once, or in succession?) and I love your patchwork sampler! Any idea yet on how big you want it to be in the end?

    1. We had all 9 at once - many more in succession. Thanks! I have no idea how big it will get - it will be done when it's done, which may take a few years ;)