Friday, 27 March 2015

SFS - March

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From last month the carry over was € 8.14

This month:

Month: March
Spent: € 42.83
Earned: € 25.50
Carry over: ( € 25.50 + €8.14 + € 25.00) - € 42.83 = € 15.81

My spending:

Unfortunately the Kreinik Solar Silver I got last month was not enough to complete the stitching of Wolf so I had to order more, of course when ordering one wants to at least make it worth while, so a few additional bits found their way into my basket.
In addition to the 2 spools of Solar Silver, a spool of petite facets as well as DMC Memory Thread 6200 (not in photo), DMC Colour Variation Thread 4025 and 4240 (neither in photo) were added. Total cost: € 19.27

It also became clear that I had nowhere near as many beads as I needed for Wolf so I had to go and get more.
I got 2 x 2 different types of dragon beads to add to what I had already and as I was planning to bead another section of Wolf I got some beads I thought would suit, sadly this was not to be, he didn't like them and I ended up stitching the area. To get the free shipping I spent a small amount extra (which is less than the shipping costs so worth it) and got myself the white beads. I also had a 5% coupon which I used for this order. Total cost: € 20.66

I also found that the shop that sells the cases got them in so I was able to order them too - as well as more boxes, though after Carla's gift (see below) I had to order even more cases and boxes! These do not count fortunately or I would really have issues money wise hehe.

I ran short of black floss so got some more as well as some needles and a new type of needle threader, which has so far proved it doesn't break as fast as the wire ones. As only the skeins count for SFS the cost was: € 2.90


This was my lucky month! First of all my bf surprised me with these large 6 x 8mm Swarovski beads
The shop where I bought all the storage boxes gave me these: 
If you want to read all about the storage of my beads have a look here: So.. I got organising...  

The shop where I got the dragon beads gave me these:
Last, but certainly not least, Carla blessed me with the Gift Of Stash - and more! The photo below is a tad hazy, it was a quick excited photo made with my tablet shortly after it all arrived. The 3 patterns are Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath's Rescue the Rain Forest, Graphworks International's Age of Romance: Beauty and the Beast, and Sitka Stitches Designs' Totemic Whale.
If you look carefully you can see the amazing DRAGON! I have never had a needle minder before so will need to see how that works for me. I later found out that the ribbons and lace were from her friend Leah - such an awesome gift!
This is what it all looks like after bobbinating and sorting into bead boxes - 65 in total so you can see why I needed to get more. It has all been merged into my stash now giving me even more options when I make things.

My subscription stuff:

I have a monthly subscription at Jodyri for the monthly hand dyed fabric, monthly hand dyed thread and a subscription for a set of 5 threads from the standard collection, however it's not yet arrived so I can't show it now.

My earnings:

This is the place where I make my spending somewhat less scary and where you get even more pretty photo's to look at! 

The March ornaments:
This month I finished 2 ornaments using the pattern I've made for my Ornament of the Month SAL. The fabric is 16ct antique white Aida that I got last summer when I was in the UK and the threads are from my stash, most of which were collected before 1995 though of course I have since added any new colours and topped up colours I finished. The beads I used are also from my stash. The thread I used for the hanging loops is craft thread my bf gave me last September. 

The bigger ornament is 47 stitches square and the smaller one 35 stitches square so each ornament earns me $ 4.00 each for a total of $ 8.00 which according to the currency converter today is € 7.29

Celtic Wolf:
I finished all of the cross stitching and back stitching this month so decided to use those stitches now as earnings rather than waiting for the beading to be completed as they do not count. I checked with Mel, who confirmed that the beads don't count as they are new and said that to cover for the fact that the fabric is new and not from stash we are counting half of the stitches, which I think is fair.
I adjusted the size of the grid to remove the area that might have been covered with the beads as they don't count anyway and took half of each side's stitch count which came to 67 x 77 stitches. This means that I can count $ 8.00 for Wolf which converts to € 7.29

The Fob a Month March edition:
I have started a second SAL: a Fob a Month where each month I stitch a scissors fob and share the pattern here on my blog, with the main aim being to use what I have to hand and try and avoid buying anything new. This month I made this:

The fob is 24 stitches square on each side which gives it an earnings value of 2 x $ 2.00 which converts to € 3.64

The Sophie Card:
I also stitched a freebie from the CrossStitcher magazine: Sophie Card. I added more of the accessories than perhaps was intended by the creators but it was fun doing so.

It is 35 x 37 stitches which gives it an earnings value of $ 4.00 which converts to € 3.64

The needle book: 
And lastly during the IHSW I designed and stitched this little needle book, which you can read about here: ISHW end report & a finish. You can find the pattern here: Pattern: Blue floral needle book
The embroidery part is 35 x 48 stitches which gives it an earnings value of $ 4.00 which converts to € 3.64

This brings my total earnings at:  € 7.29 + 7.29 + € 3.64 + € 3.64 + € 3.64 = € 25.50

I need to get better at using my stash for things, preferably the older stuff!


  1. Congret on all of your finishes :)
    You done very much stitching this month
    Beautiful projects never seen the wolf before what kind of a designer is that ?
    Wish you a lovely weekend

    1. Thank you :) As someone who is home all day I have plenty of time to stitch, which is how I get so much done :)
      The Wolf is my own design :)
      I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awesome post. Everything looks great.


  3. This is an amazing post! So much pretty goodness!

    1. Thank you <3 Well I think that's in part because you added goodness to this post yourself ;)

  4. glad you could make excellent use out of the ribbon and lace. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I can/will use it all in one way or another - as soon as I work out what to make with it :D

  5. You made some excellent spending this month, and so many awesome finishes - well done!

    1. Thank you! It was fun choosing the beads and also fun to get some extras :)