Thursday, 12 March 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 25

Monday's progress report showed the final outline of Wolf - and his size too! Yesterday saw the last of the black - I have finally finished all of the 3905 black stitches. While I was working I finished the bobbin of black I'd taken from my floss box (I started the project with a whole skein on a bobbin and then moved on to my stash bobbin) and had to bobbinate another skein, just 14 stitches from completing the black - typical! I then decided to do some more filling in and started with the Kreinik Solar Silver I love so much.
The strange line you can see going through the photo is actually the sunlight shining through the fence panels I pinned the embroidery to so I could make the photo's. I didn't do as much work yesterday - I had to take youngest to the orthodontist and then go into town for a few things as well as do the weekly grocery shopping after which a rest was needed. My arthritic knee had decided now was a good time to remind me that it was in charge (or so it thinks) and demanded warmth and rest. Sometimes listening to your body is a good thing.

Stitches done: 368
Total stitches:  11320
Total backstitches: 42.76 inches
Stitches left: 1500

See you tomorrow!


  1. Today is your day for MORE!!! I'm wondering now if I can conspire with James on relieving you of the burden of this magnificent project once it's finished. It would be such a hardship for you to keep this and I do have a nice open space on a wall in my livingroom this would hang proudly on. You can visit it any time you'd like to and if you needed to, I can set up video chats for the times you couldn't talk to it in person :D

    1. Hopefully - will see how it goes, I'm quite upset by Terry Pratchett passing away :(

      I'm afraid I could not send him to you - you see he's far too beautiful to put in an envelope and send by mail - he might never make it to your pace as his awesomeness would seep out of the envelope and attract unwanted attention causing him to be stolen by some stranger and I'd never see him again. The thought of him being lost in the post is enough to give me nightmares!

  2. This is my favorite project on the interwebs right now. Thank you so much for all of the updates!

    1. Aww thanks <3 You are more than welcome - I find it fun to show my progress and it certainly helps me keep on track as I feel guilty if I don't have much to show for my day's stitching :) I have plans to keep doing this with other projects to help them stay on track too :)