Saturday, 7 March 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 20

Yesterday brought you the return of my Celtic Wolf progress reports. I had passed the 8000 stitch mark and things were looking good - apart from the area of copper in the neck. I mentioned yesterday that I wasn't happy with it and while racing about as fast as my dodgy knee let me doing shopping and getting the kids off to ex I decided they had to come out. This was easier said than done as by the time I'd done the shopping etc. and then written the March ornament blogs, the dA uploads of the March ornaments and written about Wolf, it was already dark outside and the ripping had to be done in artificial light.
For many people this wouldn't be an issue but I have a dent in my cornea's that reflects light into one half ( a \ in fact) of that lovely X shape you see candle flames get on Christmas cards and suddenly it's a whole different ball game. I knew I had to get it done or I'd keep putting it off so I gritted my teeth and went on feel about as much as I did on sight.

End result of yesterday's hectic day: -88 stitches

Stitches done: -88
Total stitches: 7962
Total backstitches: 42.76 inches

See you tomorrow, when I will hopefully have more to show hehe.


  1. Oh no!! not ripping!! blech! I forgot to let you know that ripping out that kind of thread from the backside is easier than the front and you really don't need to "see" to do it. I learned that on the January Bookmark since I didn't want to ruin the stitching by ripping sparkly backstitched floss out. I look forward to whatever you plan on doing for the neck :D

    1. Yes Ripping! But I chose to do it, it wasn't to fix a mistake :) I actually found it easier from the front and upside down - probably because my backs are a mess and my front's aren't ;) The neck is going to now wait till I have finished the green face area's as I'll then have a better idea of what it will look like :)

  2. Oh no, a minus count! But it's okay, if you don't like the part you'll just ponder over it in the end f you leave it, so better fixing it now!

    1. Fortunately the minus count is fixed :D Still not 100% sure what I will be doing instead but it will work out :)