Friday, 13 March 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 26 & Tons of Tiny for March

The above photo is the last full Wolf photo for a bit while I focus on getting the last stitches done as I find taking him out of the hoop, pinning him up and photographing before putting him back into the hoop to be pretty tine consuming and has meant that I have not stitched when I might have been able to get a few stitches in because he wasn't in the hoop. Yesterday's lack of stitching was partly due to that but also due to an appointment and me being upset by hearing of Terry Pratchett passing away. He was an author I am a great fan of and whose books dragged me back from the brink of depression on more than one occasion because it's difficult to become depressed when you are laughing so much you are crying. I also spent some time with my beads after the flip top box cases arrived as well as more beads for Wolf, my CrossStitcher magazine and a gift of Swarovski beads from my bf, most of which you can read about in yesterday's post So.. I got organising....
Speaking of the beads for Wolf I did of course have to audition some on him but he's being fickle and doesn't like the copper beads I got nor did he like the gold lined crystal beads - I may end up stitching this area after all, fortunately it's only 286 stitches. Yesterday I stitched some more using the Kreinik Solar Silver and then, because I was having trouble tying tiny knots I decided to move to the background and do some filling in starting with 820 as that forms a nice grid. As you can see there is not much left to do with this blue so I'll be able to move on to the garnet and lighter blue later.

Stitches done: 217
Total stitches:  11537
Total backstitches: 42.76 inches
Stitches left: 1283

Now for the Tons of Tiny section! What is Tons of Tiny? In short it's a SAL where you stitch small projects and talk about them and hopefully also send your used and useful patterns on to someone else who might enjoy them. Last month I offered 3 Paddington patterns - I have contacted Linda for her snail mail address so I can send them!

Now on to my Tons of Tiny entries - this month only my two ornaments as Wolf has been taking up all my time, which brings the total of small projects to 2 for this month and 11 in total.

This month I decided would be cat month! As I have 4 cat patterns I will be giving them all away this month. They are all by Lanarte, all 3 1/4 x 2 1/4" / 6 x 8 cm - and have a DMC colour code list. Please note that these are used patterns only that I coloured in with pencil and have since used a rubber (that's an eraser for the American's out there ;) ) to remove as much as I can - the patterns are still legible.

I will be sending one of these to 4 people, just comment with which one you'd like and I'll get in touch with the new homes for snail mail addy's some time next week (at the latest by the next Tons of Tiny post). Please note that you are only supposed to request one of these if you are planning on making it yourself as part of the Tons of Tiny project, these patterns are not for resale! If you were given a pattern in the month before you can still join in!

If more than one person asks for the same pattern I'll write the names on a bit of paper, drop them in a jar and let one of the kids pull a name.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Those are perfect for ToT! I shall refrain and let everyone else have berated me sufficiently for trying to go for scissors...let me know what's left?

    1. Yes they are :) and fun to stitch too! Ok works for me :) Ha! you have enough pairs, you don't need any more ;)

  2. Great progress once more - filling in all the missing parts should be so much fun now! And two more tinies, I think you're doing more than anyone else in the group.

    The cats are cute, but I'm not sure I'd actually stitch them :)

    1. Thanks! Yes it has been :) Well I do have to make these - wouldn't look too good if I wasn't doing my own SAL ;)

      That's ok :)