Sunday, 15 March 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 28

Friday brought me closer to the end - with just 839 stitches left to do I hoped I'd be able to complete the main part of the stitching yesterday. Sadly I was not able to do so despite my best effort. A weekend with the kids home means they need time and attention and although I was up till silly o'clock I had to admit defeat before I was finished.
As you can see there isn't much left to do stitching wise - just 81 stitches left! Oh and 20.81 inches of XL back stitch but who's counting? I'm still unsure about the cheek area so have not added that to the total left to do yet. Either way it's not all that much so I should be able to complete it today AND get to do some beading at last!

Stitches done:758
Total stitches:  12739
Total backstitches: 42.76 inches
Stitches left: 81

See you tomorrow!


  1. Well you said you wanted to get the main part done, and you did! The rest will be done in no time at all, and then it's on to eading, shiny, glorious beading ^_^

    1. This is true :) Hopefully! Though now that I'm not feeling to well things might slow down :(