Monday, 16 March 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 29

Saturday's progress got me very close to the end of the stitching but not quite past the finish line. Yesterday I finished the planned stitching and back stitching. I also made a decision about what to do with the cheek and decided in the end that stitching was the way to go. I looked at my threads and felt that going with gold would be my best bet but as I wanted a slightly different shade than I already had I needed to blend threads. I chose E3821 and E3852 and used one thread of each. This made using the threads a bit more difficult as you need to fix the thread to the needle with a loop to avoid the thread splitting too much, which required shorter bits of thread than I'm used to for DMC but it has been working out for me.
This has of course added some stitches to the total but on the whole it's not all that much really. Unfortunately I was not able to complete the stitching yesterday as hoped as I wasn't feeling too well and still am not but as there are only 171 stitches left of the cheek I think I can make it today.

Stitches done: 196 & 20.86 inches of XL backstitch.
Total stitches:  12935
Total backstitches: 63.62 inches
Stitches left: 171


  1. *Almost* there! I think the gold looks great inbetween the red and green :)

  2. He's so beautiful it is difficult to look at anything else sometimes :D

  3. The Wolf is looking amazing. I wish the pattern was available for it. Love all your color choices.


    1. Thanks! Right now the pattern I made is outdated compared to what I actually did colour wise, also I'm not sure if the original artist who made the line art would allow me to share it. Thank you :)