Wednesday, 25 March 2015

ISHW end report & a finish

So as it happens I didn't post on Monday about what I did during the IHSW nor on Tuesday - but today I am so all is good in the world again! What I didn't do was add more beads to Wolf. I also didn't finish the Dylon project nor did I do a single stitch on the tiny I have going. So far all we have is a lot of stuff I didn't do however I did do something else! I designed a new pattern while chatting with Carla in her hangout on Saturday, then I stitched it while talking with her and later with my bf on Skype and I completed it while again chatting with Carla in the hangout! Quite a productive series of person to person chats I have to say and I'm very pleased with the results.

It's made entirely with materials I had to hand as the shops were closed so I was unable to do any shopping. I used mostly DMC variegated threads as they are more natural for flowers and stems. The tall stems of flowers each use a different colour of thread to add even more variation. I have some Kreinik Silk Mori Milkpaint 0416 in my stash and decided to try that out - it's the darker green thread for the flowers at the bottom. Last of all I used some Kreinik blending filament 085 peacock to make some back stitch butterflies.

I used a bit of 18ct white Aida left over from another project. I used some wheat Hoffmans Bali batik for the inner cover and 2 pieces of wool fabric I have had for many years - they came in one of the Moda fabric tins many moons ago. The button I found in a basket while looking for something else and thought it was a nice shiny blue that would suit the embroidery. I included a layer of thin cotton batting to give the cover some oompf
Top view where you can see that the 4 pages of the book completely fill the spine.
Side view: Unfortunately the light is gone so I can't re-take this photo as it doesn't actually have this squished together look when it's laid flat, it's just that I forgot to adjust it a bit before taking the photo.

Open - the numbers on the pages are the number of the needle size so I know which is which, added with felt tip pen so probably not the best method.

If all goes to plan I shall be posting the pattern of this on Friday.

Oh btw - for those of you who know Carla but have lost her, it's because the name changed on her blog and Blogger now thinks it was deleted (instead of being clever and redirecting people to the correct place), the right place is here: Alaska Wolf Pack. Please adjust any bookmarks, buttons to her misc projects etc if you haven't already, Thank you!


  1. Congrats on the great finish.


  2. Wow, this is super pretty and reminds me I could use a new (second) needle booklet too! Congrats on the awesome finish :)

    1. Thank you! They are very handy, especially if you have lots of sizes of needles :)

  3. It is fantastic! I really love the pattern and the finished piece screams at me to stitch it and make a book as well. I do have tons of polar fleece that I might use instead of wool, but I like felted wool so very much...time to go through my fabric stash...might use flannel, or fleece, or.....who knows!

    And thank you for shouting out about my name's been really quiet at my blog recently and I"m thinking I need to email again to the TW girls. Le Sighhhhhhhhh.

    1. Aww thanks <3 I used the felted wool as that's what I had on hand and it's so good for needles too :) But using what you have is always the best option where possible!

      You are welcome! I know how hard it is to reconnect to everyone once a domain name changes.