Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Weavers Birds SAL - Part 7

Welcome to the seventh part of the Weavers Birds SAL! This month you finish band three and start band four! Since the beginning of a band is always a bit more difficult for people picking colours I have included a key in this post so you know what you are stitching.

This is what yours will look like once you have finished stitching this part.
This is what you are looking at for this month's band - click to enlarge - for those of you who are stitching with multiple colours I hope you will find this is useful.
You can find the black and white pattern here
You can find the colour pattern here

If you are stitching this too and want to join us on Facebook just go to the Facebook group and apply!

If you want to (also) join in on Instagram or Twitter all you need to do is use the tag #WeaversBirdsSAL and my name @Magical525 and I'll be sure to look in on your work and possibly even re-tweet it if it's on Twitter!

I'll see you tomorrow for this month's Finish It In... 2019 post, on Friday for the the Ornament of the Month, and on Saturday there is the NFSAL post on dA - as always it's busy here at the beginning of the month!


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