Sunday, 4 March 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Other People's Embroideries

I asked in the Facebook group if anyone would mind if I shared their photos in a post so everyone could admire their work and perhaps get some inspiration for their own versions. I got a LOT of positive responses so here are a few of them - I'll be making other posts with more photos of people's work soon. I picked the names randomly from the post, just to keep things fair.

First is this version by Chihiro A. who is working on 25ct Lugana using Lecien Corporation 484A and 284 threads - I love the contrast of the purple against the white with just a hint of pink at the edges!

Next is this wonderful version by Silvia S. who is using an Italian brand of threads: Ritorto Fiorentino n.12. With just 3 colours she is making it look so very different! I love it! Silvia also has a blog which you can read here... go check it out!
This one was stitched by Carla H. I'm not entirely sure which blue and red she is using but I do know that it's a very striking combination! As you can see this one isn't as far along as the two above - this one is up to part 8.
This version in a mustard is by Karen T., who has chosen to change the S-shapes to a T. The border isn't complete but it does look fantastic already!
This amazing version is by Julia P. who is using DMC Color Variations 4000 and 4135 along with DMC 919, Needle Necessities 132 and ThreadworX 1048 on a cream Belfast 32ct linen.
And last but certainly not least for this instalment is this fantastic version by Sandy B. who is using DMC 367, 319, 3829, 676, 680, and 729. I love the way the golds are used to add colour and shading to the beasts - they even have a nose and toe nails!

That's all for this time! there are many more people who put their names down and as I want to include everyone I shall continue adding posts till I have completed the list - and I may even start revisiting them once I've finished the list!

Don't forget the next pattern instalment is in 2 days time, I'll see you then!


  1. Thanks for photos and comments, especially about which threads are being used. Always great to see where our minds go when given the freedom to choose.


    1. You are welcome! I tried to include colour information where I could find it - I know it helps others choose if they aren't sure what to do themselves :)

      Oh yes! That's exactly why I give the pattern in just one colour - so people can have the freedom to do what they want without restraint - and the results are amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! :D I'm so glad the names were picked randomly or I'd still be wondering which to choose!

  3. I love how many people are stitching along on this project and making it their own with striking and unique colour choices. I do have my favourites, but all of them are awesome!

    1. I do too! And yes I have my favourites.. till the next one comes along and I go all "OOOOOOH!!!" it's so hard to choose :D