Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Part 11

Welcome back! This week its time for the second part of band 2! I know some of you have been impatient to do it as yet again I have seen photos of the completed second band before I have posted this part *sigh*. I even didn't post any of my WIP pictures to see if it would help... but alas it did not. If things don't improve by the end of the third band I may have to be a bit more drastic about things - but hopefully the crappy size of the image I made last week will help. Onward to happier things!

If all is well your embroidery will look like this at the end of the week - that is not to say that you HAVE to zoom along stitching! If you want to stitch at a slower speed then by all means sit back and ENJOY the journey! It's not a race after all and some people have more time spare to stitch than others.
This is what my version looks like now - it looks a bit bowed due to me pinning it to some fabric so I didn't have to hang it in the rain while I took photos today.
And here it is completely - still lots to do but the next band will bring some change to the large empty space!

This week's band is SHORTER than the 10 stitches as it will make the few "confetti" stitches that you would otherwise get easier to do when added to next week's pattern.

You can find the black and white pattern here
You can find the colour pattern here

If you are stitching this too and want to join us on Facebook just go to the Facebook group and apply!

If you want to (also) join in on Instagram or Twitter all you need to do is use the tag #weaverstapestrybandsamplersal and/or my name @Magical525 and I'll be sure to look in on your work and possibly even re-tweet it if it's on Twitter!

I'll see you Thursday with the second pre-stitch of the Spring Magical Mystery and Friday for a handy Friday Freebie!

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