Friday, 13 February 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 2

Yesterday I was at 764 stitches in total at the beginning of the day. I didn't get as much done as the day before but I did do 439 stitches which is a smidge more than the 428 that I need to do to make it. I'm now at 1203 stitches which is close to 7% complete. Between shopping and an unexpected nap, as I dozed off when I was taking a short reading break, I lost quite a bit of time but I hope to manage more today.
As I need time to do my March ornaments I'm trying to build a bit of a buffer stitch count wise to make sure I can do them on time without effecting my chances at finishing this, so every day I do a bit more than the required amount is good.

That's all for today's update - see you tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad you still made your 'need to do' count despite the distraction. Once you get the other silver, you will surely be able to catch up quite a it by filling in :)

    1. Me too - I'm starting to get used to how much I can do a day now, makes it easier to know if I'll make it or not :)

  2. The excitement is building....and I am technically "current" ha ha! but THIS way is definitely fun :D