Sunday, 15 February 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 4

So after the marathon stitching effort on Friday I was here - 2055 stitches in and surprised to be that far already. I did pay the price the next day, my right lower arm was rather sore. I decided to keep stitching as muscle ache needs gentle movement to help it get better faster, so I stitched slowly and took many breaks and gently stretched the offending muscle and by the early evening it decided to stop being silly and work normally. At this point I was at about 250 stitches. I had decided to listen to music yesterday as I'd run out of documentaries I can watch while the kids are around and only had shows left that are 16+ as things like Criminal Minds are often a bit too gory for kids.

I didn't expect to find that at the end of the evening I had managed to stitch 642 stitches! Somehow listening to OMD, Nik Kershaw and a whole lot of other 80's music got me into the stitching groove and lots got done after all.
I started yesterday by closing off the left side of the middle so that I'd be able to do the blue grid there later. The light gold (E3821) filled area to the left is the throat area of the wolf and is the first outer line of the wolf. Once this bit was done I started with the darker blue (820) of the background grid.

This brings the total to 2697 stitches, which is just under 15%

Today I shall be continuing with the background grid and I'll be back tomorrow with the next update.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks I'm really pleased with how fast this is going :)

  2. And it continues to be lovely! Filling in the background should give you a nice stitching count boost now ^_^

  3. my goodness!! I remember you saying your arm hurt, but so pleased you worked through it for this end result!