Thursday, 26 February 2015

SFS - February

For more information as to what Stitch From Stash (SFS) is, please click the button above. Please note that this month some photo's were made with my tablet and are of a lesser quality than usual.

From last month the carry over was € 7.80

This month:

Month: February
Spent: € 44.32
Earned: € 19.66
Carry over: € 44.32 - (€ 19.66 + € 7.80 + € 25.00) = € 8.14

My spending: 

I needed some beads for my February ornament but couldn't really see the colours of the beads properly so decided to get several different ones so I could decide on the final colour once I had received the beads. I also got a string of real amethysts, some rose petal beads and some dragon scale beads. The shop was wonderful and also sent me some matching purple glass facet beads (light purple string) and the purple sachet with some lovely square beads in it as a gift.
The beads cost € 23.45 total.
Getting the beads made me have a look at the mess that was my bead storage - beads were everywhere in all sorts of containers and I didn't really know what I had other than that I had no nice purple beads. I looked around and finally settled on flip top bead boxes with clear cases to keep them in. I ordered 1 pack of 20 of each size knowing I'd have a use for almost all of them and found I was short.
So I ordered a bunch more in the sizes I needed for the big organisation project. Sadly they didn't have any more clear cases and had to order them in from the USA, I'm currently waiting for their stock to arrive so I can order the rest of the cases I need and finish this project.
As all of these cases are for storage they do not count for SFS and I will spare myself the heart attack of seeing the cost for all of this again lol.

Unfortunately this is NOT where my spending stopped as I needed some Kreinik #4 braid for my current project and as I could not get the braid in the Netherlands where I live I had to order from the UK.
What you see here from left to right is: 001J - Japan Silver, 001L - Solar Silver, 021L - Coptic Copper and 021HL - Copper High Lustre. I have used about 2/3 of the spool of solar silver and will need more. Total cost: £ 15.17 which is € 20.87 

My subscription stuff:

As we are encouraged to show off all our stuff I am also including the subscription items that I received. The January batch didn't arrive till after my SFS post so I'm going to included it here.
I have a monthly subscription at Jodyri for the monthly hand dyed fabric, monthly hand dyed thread and a subscription for a set of 5 threads from the standard collection.
 January's theme was winter sunset and we were lucky to be given a winter sunrise thread as well
 February's theme was Lonely Hearts, which you can see below with the threads on the fabric this time.

My earnings:

This is the place where I make my over spending somewhat less scary and where you get even more pretty photo's to look at! In February I finished quite a few projects, all small so they don't earn me much but every little bit helps.

First of all my February ornaments:
This month I finished 2 ornaments using the pattern I've made for my Ornament of the Month SAL. The fabric is 16ct antique white Aida that I got last summer when I was in the UK and the threads are from my stash, most of which were collected before 1995 though of course I have since added any new colours and topped up colours I finished. The beads I mentioned above so are new however as they are only used for the finishing I am not going to "count" them. The thread I used for the hanging loops is craft thread my bf gave me last September.

The bigger ornament is 47 stitches square and the smaller one 35 stitches square so each ornament earns me $ 4.00 each for a total of $ 8.00 which according to the currency converter today is € 7.15

This little owl scissor keep and fob were a freebie kit with my February issue of my CrossStitcher magazine subscription.

The scissor keep is 32 x 56 stitches and the fob is double sided and is 20 stitches square. So that's 2 x $ 2.00 for the fob and 1 x $ 4.00 for the scissor keep = $ 8.00 for both, which converts to € 7.15

January's CrossStitcher magazine brought me an alphabet necklace however the hanger on the metal frame was broken so I used some quilt fabric from my stash to back it. I added a line of stitching around the edge and did some backstitching in addition to what the pattern said.
The final size is 22 stitches square which gets me $ 2.00 which converts to € 1.79

Next up is another small project I finished - an owl ornament.
This ornament is done on the black Aida I bought last month but the pattern is free and the thread I already had in my stash and according to the rules this then also counts. It's 42 stitches square so earns me $ 4.00 which converts to € 3.57

This brings my total earnings at: € 7.15 + € 7.15 + € 1.79 + € 3.57 = € 19.66 (YAY!!)

I am so glad I did so many small items over the last month as that really saved my budget.


  1. That did work out pretty well for you! So many pretties, but then you earned that much as well and even came out of it with a small carry over! Well done!

    1. Yes it did :) So good I went nuts doing ToT stuff, need to do that again sometime - but not before Celtic Wolf. Thanks!

  2. I love the threads from February and your purple beads are so pretty. I love purple!

    1. They are even better in real life! I don't like purple so much but they are really shiny :)

  3. Wow -- good show! Excellent shopping topped only be outstanding stitching and finishing! Kudos to you.

    1. Thanks! I have to admit I was pretty sure I was over budget till I did the accounting for this.