Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 14

Monday I had made a bit of headway doing the mouth and ended up on a total of 5340 stitches.. Yesterday regular readers of my blog will have read that the Kreinik #4 very fine braid "finally" arrived. I had been waiting for it so I could do the other part of the braid in the neck before moving my hoop. As metallic thread doesn't like to be squished I am trying to limit the number of times I move the hoop so putting it off as long as possible was high on my list. This was the first time I was going to do any real amount of stitching with Kreinik braid - the last time I'd used it was for an ornament and that was a mere 20 odd stitches, stitching hundreds is a whole different learning curve.
If you don't take your time, let the thread untwist and work with it correctly then the above happens - every time - which wastes many inches of thread. It was quite the learning curve for me.

Thoughts on the use of Kreinik as a result of my first real stitching experience:
  • Speciality threads have instructions of use - read them.
  • Kreinik suggests threading the needle using a strip of paper - it works brilliantly!
  • Threading the needle with the loose end of the spool of thread means you use the thread in the right direction, like sewing thread it twists less like this. I thread the needle first then cut.
  • Use short lengths - I measure across the diagonal of my tablet to get the length, which is approx 10,5 inches.
  • Like any braid it unravels when cut and not fixed - just think how fast your hair unravels if you don't fix it in place with an elastic or ribbon etc. - a fix is to tie a small knot on both ends (after threading the needle) if you pull the knot tight enough you will barely notice it's there AND you have less issues with it unravelling.
  • As Kreinik suggests - use a bigger needle as it results in less wear and tear on the thread, you don't really see the difference afterwards either.
  • Drop the needle every 5 - 8 stitches to let the thread unravel. With the little knot in place the needle will not fall off!
Using all of these things I learnt while stitching I have gone from wasting a good 5 -7 inches to as good as no waste at all. This is a good thing as I really hate waste, although I might still have to get a second spool as the waste from my learning curve means I might not make it with the one spool I have.
I was good and finished the gold of the mouth after completing the first section using Krenik 001L. The thread is so sparkly! It's has a full rainbow in the sparkles and is so pretty! While the learning curve did slow me down with stitching I still managed to do 520 stitches yesterday, so I'm pretty pleased with my progress.

Stitches done: 520
Total stitches: 5860
Total backstitches: 42.76 inches

See you tomorrow!


  1. It's super pretty, I can hardly stop staring at all the sparkle :)

    1. Thanks :)

      Be careful! The sparkle might blind you!

  2. Another tip is to knot the thread at the eye of the needle. That should help with the thread unraveling like it did in the picture.

    1. Thanks I shall try that when I've run out of the needles I have pre-threaded.

  3. For whatever reason, I just find that little tooth adorable.

    Great progress! And I love metallics - so fun! I have to admit, while I am pretty well versed with kreiniks, I still don't like them and will try to use PTB whenever possible.

    1. It IS a lovely tooth I agree :)

      Thanks! I have not used PTB yet - will have to look into that :)