Saturday, 21 February 2015

Celtic Wolf - WIP post 10

Thursday's progress was minimal but at least you could see it. Yesterday was another busy day and I didn't get any stitching time till after my bf and I had paid my local bar a visit - not the time to be doing anything complicated or at any speed so I did a bit of filling in of the top silver braid. I only got 63 stitches done but that's better than none at all hehe.
Still no Kreinik braid in the post - silly slow international post, but then when you want something *any* post is too slow!

Stitches done: 63
Total stitches: 4249
Total backstitches: 33.62 inches

See you tomorrow!


  1. The fact that you put any stitches in at all with James there is a miracle! He keeps you so busy!

    1. He does but he also encourages me to stitch - At 114 now :D

    2. James is awesome - he's so supportive of your hobbies :D

    3. Yes he is! He's first in line to cheer me on and enable me :D