Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Finish It In...2019 - Check In Post for June, TUSAL, and More

Welcome to the sixth Finish It In... 2019 post for the year! In this post I'll show you what I've been up to since the last post (except for the still secret stuff), and all the other things that I have added to this once a month mega post. Get your coffee, tea, or favourite drink of choice out and make sure you are on Wi-Fi if you are on a mobile device as this post is picture heavy as always.

Not sure what a TUSAL is? Click the picture!
As always I'm first going to start by showing you my ORTs - the bits of thread that get cut off and usually thrown away.
This month my jar isn't very full - but it's got a lot of shiny in it! Let me show you what I worked on...
Yup that's right... all the shiny threads are from me zooming ahead on the Ornament of the Month stitching so I don't have to wait to cut each month out, something that was getting a bit annoying. For the rest I didn't do so much partly due to my fiancé being home for a short week and partly just resting from the madness of April and the KLT vs Jodyri thing.

Here you can see the pie for each SAL - and the Cecropia Moth by Jodyri Designs I started (more in a bit) The most went to the Ornament of the Month and as always the least went to the 25 x 25.
And this is the Cecropia Moth by Jodyri Designs. I decided to liven things up by using multiple colours instead of just the one. You will see this grow a bit more in the coming months - I want to finish this sooner rather than later.

That was all I did in the realms of new stuff - now on to the usual SALs

Ornament of the Month:
For the most part I can't show you what I stitched because it's all in your future but I can show you the May ornament.
It's still not assembled, unfortunately I just didn't get round to it.

Mamluk SAL:
This month I can show you the May photo of the Mamluk SAL
It's growing nicely!

Medieval Owl:
He's growing nicely too - with the May addition the house on legs has a bigger boat like bit added to the front! The patterns are really starting to show now, he's looking more owl like by the month.
He even got a bit of a press before I took the photo as he was rather scrunched up from sitting in the hoop.

Blackwork SAL:
Another SAL that has been easy to keep up with has been the Blackwork SAL.
It's progressing nicely as you can see.

50 x 50 for 2019:
I managed to stitch both sides this month
Main Pattern
Alternate Pattern

25 x 25 for 2019:
I got both sides stitched but as I am planning on using this to make a photo tutorial I haven't finished it - I need to find the time to sit down and take a good 50 or so photo's as I work.
Though I have managed to get them cut out now.

This month I did stitch the NFSAL pattern - it was fun to do and I'm glad I found the time to do it.
Side A
Side B

Now it's your turn! Make a blog post if you blog, make a vlog/flosstube, a post on Instagram or Facebook and make sure I at least can see what you have stitched in the last month!  If you blog or vlog please put a link below - it will be fun to see what you have stitched and who knows... you may gain a larger audience in the process! Not sure how it works? Check out the overview post!

There is now a Facebook group just for this project so you don't have to wait till the first Wednesday of the month to share your progress on a project that isn't something I designed. You are encouraged to start your own photo album in the group so it's easy to see your progress between postings of each project. Members of my main group are automatically accepted others will need to be approved first. You can find the group here
I'll see you tomorrow for the June NFSAL post and Friday for the June Ornament of the Month!


  1. Lots of lovely things. Your ornaments are so pretty. Here's mt finish it post -

    1. Thank you! :D You have done loads again this month - your finishes are beautiful! :D

  2. A great month for you - you earned some quiet time after the crazy April, but you still managed to much! Here's my post for the month:


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