Sunday, 1 April 2018

Spring Magical Mystery SAL: Part 14

Welcome to the fourteenth part of the Spring Magical Mystery SAL! We are nearing the end though I bet you don't think much more can be added... if anything! Well... you are about to find out what else I have in store for you! I'll give you a hint: MORE green!

Important pattern notes:

Check to make sure you have your embroidery the right way up! I didn't before starting pre-stitch 2 and had to rip as it was turned 90 degrees and the stitches were not looking the same way.

The patterns all have a red line around them - do NOT stitch this! This line is to help you place where stitches have to go so you can see the centre of the pattern more easily. Though since you are stitching the centre of the pattern this week as well that should also make things easier for you.

The patterns also have a blue line around the red line - if you are stitching a biscornu this is the suggested backstitch line placement.

This is what my version looked like after Part 13. The last row of flowers was added! Or was it? Hehehe.

Colours used this time:

  • Colour A
  • Colour B
Number of stitches:
  • 60
    • 24 Colour A
    • 36 Colour B
You can find the fourteenth part here

Have fun and see you in 4 hours!

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