Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WIP Wednesday

Last week I had a bit of fun doing some speciality stitches for the Vakje per week, This week it's back to cross stitch again - a lovely little pattern that was done in no time - especially as I was doing it in a box that's only 27 stitches square.
I used Cosmo 8018 for the stitches and only had to adjust the pattern a little to get 3 whole hearts to fit in the box (I moved it all one stitch to the left).
And this is it in its entirety - this weekend I'll get the last part that will get me to the halfway point of the fabric. I decided to not be quite so random with what I'd do next as I wanted to make sure I'd be able to get everything on if I wanted them. I've made a grid in my pattern maker and will see if that works with what I get - it's not cast in stone but does give me something to work with.
Last time you saw this was several weeks ago and as I was busy with the journey project I did not have time to pick it up. With the journey project over I decided to add some stitches to it.
As you can see I did more than just a few stitches! I completed the Quaker flower and did the next circle and filled it with the cutest turtle ever! I have also started doing the side diamonds.
This week also saw the completion of the Friday Freebie (pattern can be found here) and the journey project
Just click on the journey tag in the side bar to read all about it.

That's "all" for this week - I'll see you Friday with my next Friday Freebie!


  1. What a successful week for you! That really is the cutest turtle ever.


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