Wednesday, 24 May 2017

WIP Wednesday

So last week I was only one box away from the half way point of the Vakje per week, this week I have reached that point!

This week's pattern was a bit more complicated for me as I'd chosen to use a variegated thread and that meant I couldn't follow the pattern instructions but had to work line by line instead. I started by using DMC Color Variations 4065 but it was too pale in places and was almost invisible so I ripped it out and started a second time. For that I used DMC 122, still light in places but not completely invisible.
The Linen and Threads 2017 Mystery Band Sampler Stitch Along has seen a bit more love this week - I finally decided on colours for all of the parts of the skinny band of this month, and had a starting point for the wider band.
You will have to forgive the marking pins and parked threads - I didn't want to take them out so of course I also couldn't give the embroidery a splat before the photo. You can see that a LOT more has been done here. I used DMC Color variations 4230 for the ball shape of the skinny band, with DMC 124 as the petal shapes outside it. I used DMC 125 for the vine like section. For the wider band I have so far used: 
  • ThreadworX 1053 for the side borders and the line between the skinny and wider bands.
  • DMC Color Variations 4030 for the curly shape, the line across the top and the star bit at the top of the other two shapes.
  • DMC 3807 for the Swedish star shape.
  • DMC 561 and 991 combined for the green leafy bits between the points of the Swedish star.
I'm not yet sure how I'm going to deal with the lower part of the band but I'll see when I get back to it.
I decided it was high time I picked the Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along up again and have made a start stitching the next band - it's been slow going as I don't like the pink colours I've used and have ripped it out once already and will be ripping the colour you can see in the photo below.
I used 963 this time and it's just too light next to the darker Kreinik Silk Mori 0416. I'm currently auditioning a darker pink instead.
Of course there was a finish this week - the Friday freebie with 4 variations to choose from - you can find the pattern here.

There was also an extra pattern this week but I did not have time to also stitch that completely so you will see that another time - the pattern can be found here.

I will see you Friday with the week's freebie - till then have a safe week!


  1. Great progress on your SALs - I love the current installment of the Linen and Thread SAL!

    1. Thanks! it is very nice but also a challenge colour wise.


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