Wednesday, 3 May 2017

WIP Wednesday

This is where I left off last week with the Vakje per week: just one box left to fill the row. Last week's pattern was fortunately a LOT easier to do, with the most difficult part being where to place the repeat.
In the end I decided to start the same way the pattern did on the left hand side and work my way to the right and see where I end up - which was an exact mirror version of the left hand side of the pattern so that worked out really well.
This week's pattern will start a new row of boxes and I'm not yet sure what size or shape they will be yet - time will tell!
You haven't seen the Linen and Threads 2017 Mystery Band Sampler Stitch Along for a while so here is your reminder of what it looked like last time you saw it. I had not done the side bars and the lower flowers as the pattern didn't include the lower bar and I was not sure if the pattern would continue for a second month. As it happens it did not but I am still glad I held off as it might have been.

Due to the journey project and a couple of other things that I will show below I did not get so much done yet on this, but it will get worked on a bit every day so I can finish it before the end of the month as there is a LOT this month - 2 bands and the second one is pretty big. I did the side bars and lower bars first using a bit of the ThreadworX to make the colour flow towards the greens I used for the trees:  DMC 561 & 991 blended together after which I continued on with them. I rather like the way the colours are flowing along the side bars. I did the flowers on the "ground" with the same blue as the flowers in the urns: DMC 3807.

This month I'm using the variegated thread for the bars and you can see I've started doing that already on the left hand side where I finished the scrap of thread I'd been using to make the colours flow from month to month. The first band for May is a band with pomegranates and leaves. I'm using DMC Color Variations 4230 for the pomegranates and DMC 125 for the leaves, though I may add in a second green as there are 2 lots of leaves. I have no idea yet how to tackle the second band for May so I am going to finish the first band and see what it wants me to do.
I had 2 projects for I had to throw everything aside to work on. The first was the Friday freebie for this blog as it needed testing before I shared the pattern. I'm glad I did as I did change some things on the pattern in the end. You can find the pattern here.
The other project is the monthly Neglected Floss SAL I host over on deviantArt. I used Jodyri Designs threads for this - Blue Morpho Butterfly. I wandered around white a bit with the thread to avoid getting the stripy look as I didn't want that for my biscornu to be. You can find the pattern here.
Last of all is the journey project I blogged about in my previous post, which can be found here,

That's all for this week - I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I'll be back soon with a new journey post and on Friday with the weekly freebie!


  1. So many new things! I love the NFSAL, and again you did great things on your Sampler SALs.

    1. Yup! Thanks! I'm glad you like the NFSAL and my sampler work :)


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