Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Freebie: Vines Squared

This week a pattern that will work very nicely with variegated threads - or with something shiny or just your normal threads!
The plan was to make a biscornu with this pattern however the fabric decided not to play nice and wasn't as square as I needed it to be, despite the pattern being completely symmetrical and the fact that I'd stitched it accurately. It's ended up 4 stitches taller than wide so I ended up making it into a fob instead.
The fabric is coffee dyed 18ct Aida (at least one way it is lol). I used DMC Coloris 4515 to stitch it and for the cording which makes such a lovely effect! I used TOHO Inside Color Aqua/Jet Lined (TR-11-248) seed beads for the finishing.

You can find the pattern here


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