Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday Freebie: Power Flower Ornament

Sometimes the oddest things can lead to inspiration and end up as a pattern - this is one of those times. It all started with my bf having no power at his work and tweeting about it, me responding and saying I'd have a coffee for him and Vicki of the power company responding to that. It was a fun convo and set my thoughts on the right track to creating this little ornament - though it doesn't look much like power any more, it did when I started it.

The original plan was to do this in white on a khaki fabric but the 32ct evenweave was too fine and it didn't show as well as I wanted. For this reason I suggest using 14ct Aida or 28ct evenweave (or linen) or perhaps a fabric with a lower thread count, but over 2.

You will find 4 variations of the pattern in the pdf file, I did the first one I designed already and may well make more for my Christmas tree!

You can find the pattern here


  1. I'm feeling bad for James for not having any power...but not TOO bad if we got a pretty pattern out of it!

    1. He did still have his phone so could do stuff, but not much hehe - it's funny how one gets inspired by the most unexpected things.


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