Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Journey: Day 5

This is where I left off yesterday having ripped as I wrote the blog (not sure if that was clear from what I said yesterday), we shall not speak of the hill incident again.
I decided that it was time to mark out where I wanted stuff to be on the fabric and not keep it in my head, sure it means you guys have an idea of where I'm going which spoils the surprise but then again it helps me know where I am going, which is a good thing.

Having done that I started on the sky as it was a good chunk of area to cover and I want to do the trees I have planned over the top of part of the sky with bits of sky peeking through so doing it this way round makes sense.
As you can see there is a sudden splurge of colour! I used from top to bottom: DMC Color Variations 4240, 4245, 4250 and 4214. I used large stitches that I added in about the same way one does long and short stitch by coming up though the previous stitch before going down a bit further along. I will probably have to adjust the lower horizon a bit as time goes by but that's not difficult to do.

I think I have also found a solution to the too straight lower edge of my lovely mountain - now to find the courage to go for it!

I'll see you soon with a new update of my journey, later with my WIP Wednesday post and Friday with my weekly freebie!


  1. The sky looks great, and sure stitched up quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing where the journey will take us next!

    1. Thanks! Yes it did - much faster than expected! I'm brewing idea's currently, working out how to make it happen.


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