Monday, 10 September 2012

Shells 3 and 4

I finished the pink shell when it was too late to make a decent photo with the light available so I continued embroidering and made the blue shell as well. There was only a little bit of background to the right so I decided to add that first as well. I'm going to do some of the backstitching before moving on to the next shell - just to get some out of the way since I really don't enjoy doing it. I probably won't be adding a photo after completing the first lot of backstitches.

I'm about half way now with this embroidery if you exclude the frame of cross stitches and backstitches that need doing at the end.

Edit: I've done all the backstitching I can do so far and won't be adding a photo till I've completed the next shell which also appears to be rather on the pink side *grumble*. It's the top most left one.

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