Monday, 17 September 2012

First TUSAL report: September

I hear you thinking WTF is a TUSAL??????  Well... it's a Totally Useless Stich-A-Long and I found out about it by accident while blog hopping a fortnight ago. Not even sure who's blog it was on - sorry, it was late.. what can I say...

Anyway basically what happens is that I put all the end bits I cut off while embroidering into a jar instead of the bin and make a photo once a month on the new moon. I'm a day late but well.. I didn't see Daffycat's blog post pop up till I was heading to bed and that reminded me that it was time.

This past fortnight I've been working on my seashells cross stitch as part of my "Finally Finishing the UFO's Project" - it's almost finished as I type this - just  half the border of cross stitches and backstitches to do! It's not a bad haul of threads in the jar especially as I've been ill on and off for over a week.

On to the next jar.. will be nice to be able to compare how much gets done and what it looks like month to month.


  1. my first month on TUSAL also - love your seashells!
    don't know if this will post since I have soooo much trouble reading those 'confirmation' codes!

    1. Cool - nice to know I'm not the only one joining in now :) Thanks :D

      As you can see it went through :)