Thursday, 20 September 2012

First biscornu

Inspired by seeing other people make them I decided to make one myself too - it couldn't be all that difficult to do now could it? After all I'm good at sewing and good enough at cross stitch to manage.

Finding a pattern I liked took a bit but I finally found the one at the top on les grilles de liselotte. I managed to see past the pink in the pattern to see that I liked it enough to make one myself. I changed the misc pinks to oranges (741, 742 and 947) and got going - this was the easy bit.

The difficult part was sewing the two pieces together. I was using 18 ct / 7 squares per cm Aida as I usually do and well.. with my eyes those backstitches are rather on the tiny side so I had trouble seeing where to put my needle. I had Mattsma's biscornu tutorials in front of me to assist but managed (as so often)to get my right and left mixed up so things went a tinsy bit wrong the first time round and I ended up one stitch too far past the corner. I also found that working away from me wasn't comfy so when I re-started I made sure I worked towards myself and after that things went better. It was really fiddly though at this size and I really recommend that people start with a lower count fabric as it gives you more to hold while sewing the sections together.

My bf watched with interest as I stuffed about 2 handfuls of of fabric snippets (too small to sew and it's a shame to waste it) which I always use for stuffing into it. I thought that would be enough but I have a feeling that a bit more could easily have fit lol.

I'm pleased with the corners - most were nice and pointy though the one I ended at isn't. I got these right thanks to Mattsma's tutorials.

Embroidery size of unsewn sections: 2 1/2" / 6,5 cm square each.

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