Saturday, 8 September 2012

Seashells: second shell

Today I finished the second shell on the embroidery - it seems unfinished at the lower edge but there will be 2 more shells in front of it that will fill in the empty space.  One thing I'm noticing is that the embroidery is so much lighter than the photo on the kit. The blue shell is also a lot more blue than the picture where it shows more as a blue/green colour. I do however rather like the blue shade it is so I'm happy.

For comparison: this is the scanned image from the kit, which will also help you see where I am with the embroidery.

I have to say that I had forgotten how nice it is to do cross stitching on even weave - it used to be my favourite embroidery I'm enjoying this very much, especially after the horrors of the uneven linen from the butterfly.

Next section I'm going to do is the coral in the background between the two shells at the top right, which will finish the top right section of the embroidery.

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