Tuesday, 25 September 2012

8 Colour challenge - Part 5: tree 3/4 done

Yesterday evening I was on a roll and reached the 1/2 way mark of the tree and wasn't ready to stop yet so I just kept on going. I don't make evening photo's because they just make the image flat and washed out due to the flash/lighting. So I ploughed on and am now at the 3/4 mark of making the tree. I have to admit that it doesn't really look like all that much was done but then most of the colours I did were ones with less than 30 stitches each so the difference isn't all that noticeable. The colours in the tree I have left to do mostly have more than 30 stitches each so it will go a little slower.

These are the colours I used since the last update. At the top right is the purple you can just about see at the bottom left of the tree trunk in what will be a pile of leaves - it's used in a few other places but you can see it best there. I hope this is enough to call it using purple in the end result - we will see - even if it's not then I'll still be safe as I do use all the other colours as well and I only have to use 5.

Colours finished since the last update:
921 - copper
922 - Light copper
3777 - Very dark terra cotta
3778 - Light terra cotta
3790 - Ultra dark beige gray
3802 - Very dark antique mauve
3826 - golden brown
3827 - Pale golden brown
3830 - terra cotta
3853 - Dark autumn gold
3857 - Dark rosewood
3858 - Medium rosewood
3859 - Light rosewood
3860 - cocoa
3861 - Light cocoa
3862 - Dark mocha beige

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