Wednesday, 26 September 2012

8 Colour challenge - Part 6: tree completed.

 At last the tree is complete! It got a bit fiddly with some of the colours and I discovered a few stitches I'd missed before as somehow when there are lots of colours with only a few stitches I seem to overlook one or two. The red doesn't show as much as I'd expected but it's hiding in there in most of the leaves. I also can't count and thought there were 32 colours but actually there are 31.

Colours finished since the last update:
349 - Dark coral
356 -  Medium terra cotta
900 - Dark burnt orange
919 - red copper
920 - Medium copper
3772 - Very dark desert sand
3776 - Light mahogany

Next I get to do the bit with the glow in the dark thread!

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