Sunday, 23 September 2012

8 Colour challenge - Part 4: tree 1/4 done

Believe it or not but these 8 colours have been used in the tree below mostly making up part of the leaves. The brown you already saw as the tree trunk in my last blog post. The tree now looks like this and although the leaves look more like blossom now they will eventually be more leaf like. As I more or less mentioned before - the tree itself will be using 32 of the 45 colours used in this embroidery which is why I am posting an update now that I've completed 1/4 of the tree colours.

Colours finished:
402 - Very light mahogany 
720 - Dark orange spice 
721 - Medium orange spice 
801 - Dark coffee brown. 
946 - Medium burnt orange 
947 - Burnt orange 
970 - Light pumpkin 
3340 - Medium apricot

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