Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What to do when the painters show up...

Today the landlord inflicted me with painters to paint the outside window frames and doors which meant that I had to be ready to jump up in an instant if they needed something. So I did some sewing. First I made the pockets and pocket flaps for the inner bag, then I made this scissor holder by hand. I didn't decide until after I'd made it that I was going to put some Velcro on the back or I'd have sewn that on by machine before sewing the front seam, it wasn't easy doing that by hand. I have no idea who originally created the pattern for this - I made one a long time ago and just worked from memory to re-create it in different fabrics. It closes with Velcro and the button was added as decoration.

All I need to do now to complete the inner bag is sew on the Velcro for the thread holder and scissor holder and sew on the mini pincushion I'd already made.

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